i-Help CS 299 BA

i-Help is a small and wearable fall warner device addressed to elders, long-term patients, disable and so on ....


This device integrates a GPS module to detect the position, a GSM module to manage all the communications and a speaker to allow clear voice calls.

An advanced technology combined to a gyroscope and accelerometer, ensures an accidental fall detection of the person who wears it. After a fall detection, i-Help device starts to:

  • send an SMS to preconfigured numbers communicating GPS position
  • call up to 5 preconfigured number
  • launch a voice message around the device in order to request support

If the user has no conseguence related to the fall, he/she can easily push the button to stop the support request and communicate to prencofigured numbers that a false alarm occurs. The device stops the support request even if detects that the person wearing it gets up.

If the user feels bad, he can easily push the button in order to start a phone call to preconfigured contacts.

i-Help is configured through clear and easy steps via App, available for Android and IOS systems.

ihelpu_app_and ihelpu_app_ios

Additional functions are available through App:

  • Pill reminding
  • Automatic positioning scheduling detection
  • Device status detection (battery status and temperature)

Download Android App. by clicking the link below or search "FALL WARNER" on Apple Store for Apple Devices