Mobile Emergency Video Assistance System

Mevas II

MEVAs is a telemedicine emergency system based on mobile video communication. It’s applicable to any emergency vehicle, transportable in a small briefcase  including a number of medical devices.

MEVAs connects a Control station to a portable medical terminal allowing a remote doctor or specialist to assist and provide support to any rescue team.

The users has the chance to show the event to a doctor and receive support.

MEVAs integrates together:

  • Vital parameter measurements: real time gathering of blood pressure, SpO2, ECG, glucose, ... etc.
  • Multi video: up to 4 videoconnections together for multi video consultations
  • Wireless: can use any wireless link UMTS, Wi-fi , satellite (minimum bandwidth requested 128Kbps)
  • Portable:  a tablet acts as the user gateway and videocommunication terminal. All medical devices connect to the tablet via Bluetooth. User commands are touch screen.