Aditech Life


Aditech Life is a service platform of services designed to enable real-time display and storage of all the physiological parameters, including activity and posture, detected using the BioHarness 3.0 (BH 3).

The system is composed by:

  • Module 3 BioHarness
  • Ad hoc Android App. for Smartphones
  • Cloud access to the  Aditech Life service server
  • The dedicated Aditech Life user page, accessible via WEB BROWSER

Aditech Life is a very simple application: the user may activate the phone APP just with a tag. The data will automatically be send from the phone to the remote server for later or live display.

 The parameters that can be transmitted through the BH3 are:

  • Heart Rate;
  • Breath Rate;
  • Activities (static, walking, running)
  • Posture (+/- 180 °)
  • ECG (single track);
  • Body Temperature;
  • HRV (Heart Rate Variability)