Connected Health

TELEASSISTANCE is a way to provide medical and social support to elderly, long term chronicle patients, provide cares in early hospital discharge or more commonly assist patients or single living people in their own home, with the additional advantage that today one can make a number of vital parameters measurements. The strong deployment of broadband, internet technologies, 3G and LTE allows today remote assistance networks to be implemented much easier.

Our experience:

ADiTech is one of the first enterprises that has introduced into the Italian market telemonitoring and telemedicine systems based on video communication and medical devices.

Da  sempre all’avanguardia in questo settore,  ADiTech può vantare di essere insieme ai sui partner l’unica azienda in Italia ad aver introdotto la sua  terza generazione di televideo assistenza : dopo il Carestation ,  il  BETAVISTA  è ora arrivato lo ZydaDoc, che migliora le prestazioni e le funzioni di televideo assistenza rendendolo ancora più facili, affidabili e flessibili  grazie anche all’utilizzo dei terminali mobili.

  • ADiLife


    ADiLife is the new "connected health" platform, reference point for prevention, well-being and healthcare of its users. Designed with the aim of being a flexible, adaptable and user friendly solution, today it offers tools, functions and services suitable for every age transition and assistance, all-inclusive.

  • Bewell Connect

    Bewell Connect

    BewellConnect is the first medical platform developed by Visiomed Group which connects a number of modern designed wearable IOT medical devices and to evaluate the parameters detected thanks to its Artificial Intelligence algorithms and internationally recognized medical statistics and databases.

  • HD-4300 Telemed

    HD-4300 Telemed

    Expand flexible healthcare access through telehealth with this easy and affordable mobile solution, which combines the power to support onboard diagnostics and videoconferencing full HD bidirectional audio/video communication. Allows to confidently build a telemedicine platform that matches any of your needs.

  • Emfit QS Care

    Emfit QS Care

    Emfit QS Care is a real-time bed occupancy and movement activity health monitor with health data tracking via ballistocardiography, which improves senior care outcome and reduces costs.