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Physical activity and daily energy consumption are important parameters that determine one’s proper lifestyle. The control of these parameters help to prevent diseases such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, … etc.

Although we know the benefits that daily activity and movement  bring  to our the body, often our daily task do not allow to practice a regular physical activity.Therefore it becomes important to understand  and quantify the  amount of  activity  done  and  required to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fitmeter is a  small wearable devices that quantifies daily activity and  compared with the pre-set workout plan provides  a detailed report on the goals achieved.

Fitmeter is a device that combines together activity and metabolism details, using a 3D accelerometer, ad hoc developed algorithms and the American College of Sports Medicine workouts can provide an easy to use method to keep yourself healthy. FitMeter is now available for the Italian market.