Bewell Connect

BewellConnect is the first medical platform which connects a number of modern designed wearable IOT medical devices and to evaluate the parameters detected thanks to its Artificial Intelligence algorithms and internationally recognized medical statistics and databases.

Developed by Visiomed Group, an international leader for the development and marketing of a range of "intelligent and connected" electronic devices in the field of medical self-diagnosis, it is a tool that gives one more reason to check one's health with self-measurements.

Thanks to the self-analysis one can understand when it is necessary to consult a doctor and in case of sudden needs  the device will show you the nearest doctor or pharmacy. BewellConnect is a free App available for IOS and Android, allows you to connect with all BewellConnect medical  devices with a single touch of the button.

BewellConnect medical devices include:

  • My Thermo ( contactless thermometer)
  • My Tension ( IOT BT blood pressure meter)
  • My Oxy ( IOT BT oximeter)
  • My ECG ( pocked size one track EKG detector)
  • My Scale ( powerful IOT BT weight scale up to 200kg)
  • My Tens (The electrostimulation  for quick pain relief of  muscle tension ).

Your data will be stored and shown in graphic format with indications of attention levels or downloadable in PDF, for further evaluation , tracking or to be shared with  your doctor.

Please contact us for more details.