XYZLife Patch Bc1

XYZlife Patch BC1 is an innovative wearable ECG which enables long-term and real-time monitoring, historical data viewing, and dedicated reports for medical  professionals and users. An unique calling function can immediately contact a  doctor, a family member, or a close friend when irregular signs are detected. The device can be used by healthcare professionals and users ranging from pre-screening potential cardiovascular symptoms to efficiently treating outpatient medical care.

It is a device  used by professionals, for cardiac symptoms screening, or by users for  treatment. And prevention.

The measurements provided are:

  • Single track ECG
  • Heart rate
  • Breath rate
  • Steps
  • Calorie consumption
  • Fall detection

The product is managed with its App on Google Play and Apple Store Once the measurement is made  with the device and the data is downloaded to  the smartphone,  it is also possible to export the data in pdf format and automatically send it to a caregiver or a doctor for further control,  It can be provided with special sensorized compressed shirts.


BC1 was designed to help doctors monitor their patients, to collect as much data as possible and in the most convenient way.


Studies have shown that long-term monitoring can help to identify up to 50%.of  potential heart disease. So long-term health monitoring is important, and BC1 was developed for this purpose.

It has been proven that  short  and intermittent ECGs are  more effective than 24-hour Holter ECGs in detecting arrhythmias.


The chances of recurrence of atrial fibrillation are high (40-50%) even after surgery. The functions of BC1 to monitor and record heart rhythm in real time allow doctors to monitor and minimize the chances of recurrence.

Technical Specs