• BioHarness / OmniSense Software

    BioHarness / OmniSense Software

    Is the result of the well-known world patented Bioharness technology with it’s bundle live and analysis software OMNISENSE, which allows to visualize the athletes physiological parameters showing his performances, trends and workout progress.

  • HxM Bluetooth

    HxM Bluetooth

    Is a cardiofrequency device for Heart Rate Monitor, that comes together with a sensorized Patented Smart Fabric Strap. It’s compatible with the majority of the smartphone APP today available on the market. Models are available for IOS and Android.

  • Emfit QS Active

    Emfit QS Active

    Emfit Quantified Sleep is a non-invasive device that does not require clothing, belts, bracelets or switches. Just lie down on the bed and EmFit automatically records and evaluates your data, providing a detailed description of your sleep quality, stress level, and progressive physiological recovery.